December 2021

International Week of World Aircraft History

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your students to study subjects
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to improve their academic performance
With the participation of world
airlines and aircraft manufacturers

How can you motivate a student to study and nurture a future successful specialist through the history of aircraft construction?

The creation of a modern aircraft is a huge amount of physical, chemical, biological, historical, and engineering discoveries. And the future authors of these discoveries and breakthroughs are sitting at their desks right now, and teachers in all countries of the world are looking for ways to motivate these guys to study physics, chemistry, biology, and history.

Obviously, for those guys in the back, planes are clearer and more interesting than physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, biology...

And we are sure that through the history of aircraft construction it is possible to motivate modern schoolchildren to study physics, chemistry, biology, history and other school subjects. Therefore...

In December 2021, the Global Projects Support Fund will organize and conduct

International Week of World Aircraft History

The event will be held with the involvement of the pedagogical communities of many countries in the world in the format of video broadcasts with translation of broadcasts into major world languages, including Russian.

World aircraft manufacturers and airlines will perform before the participants

They will tell you how the aircraft industry is developing, how they made discoveries and engineering finds, and who they are, these people making breakthroughs, how they studied at school.

We will show how factories are arranged and how knowledge is applied in the modern world, explain why there is a “hunt” and struggle for smart heads in the world, how exactly to get a job with world leaders and why these companies have become world leaders. What universities train world-famous specialists, how to get into these universities, what you need to know and what to learn.

We will help you motivate students to study school subjects

Our goal is to provide students with motivation TO UNDERSTAND how physical phenomena and laws described in chemistry, mathematics, biology textbooks work in life. How, provided that these subjects are understood, the world's most successful projects in aircraft construction are being implemented. How history affects the course of world production.

In simple words: we will help the student UNDERSTAND physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, biology, electronics, programming and other school subjects, and look into the future of EACH STUDENT through two models - "I UNDERSTAND" AND "DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND" the processes taking place in life and history and how these models will affect his life.

Knowing a formula, rule or even (Newton's) law and UNDERSTANDING it are two huge differences

Together with world leaders, we will help you and your students understand school subjects through examples that are understandable for young people, and motivate you to be the best...

You and your students will see the factories of world aircraft manufacturers, take part in video conferences and round tables with leading engineers, programmers, developers of new technologies in the aircraft industry. You will find out from the industry leaders what awaits us in the future, and what knowledge will be in demand in the world...

Students of the most successful teachers from around the world have already confirmed their participation in the week Join us!

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